Submitted by Tracy Sinclair, MCC, Coaching with Conscience
Coaching provided for frontline key workers 

The Coaching with Conscience COVID-19 Coaching Initiative was initiated on March 18, 2020, by Tracy Sinclair, Ltd., when the enormity of the impact of Coronavirus was becoming clearer.

Coaching with Conscience exists to have a positive impact on society and our environment through coaching. We believe that every organization should have access to high-quality coaching, and we specialize in offering coaching and coaching-related services in support of positive social impact and social progress. 

By mid-March, the strain of dealing with COVID-19 on NHS staff and other frontline key workers was already very evident. A discussion with Adrienne Saunders, head of learning and development at Mind, resulted in a realization of how many other nonprofit and charity workers were also feeling this strain. While a huge focus was, understandably, being placed on people’s physical well-being, the quality of mental health and well-being was also under significant threat. Mind workers around the country were working at capacity to support the significant challenges to mental health they faced in their communities. Not only was there an increase in mental health challenges from those who were normally well, those with pre-existing mental health conditions were facing incredibly difficult circumstances through being isolated from their much-needed medical, support and family networks. Mind workers are also human, and the enormity of this effort to support our society inevitably takes its toll on their own well-being. As such, this initiative was born.

Very rapidly, we heard of other groups and individuals that welcomed our initiative, including Together Co., a charity based in Brighton, UK, that provides much-needed befriending and social prescribing services to the local community. The initiative also included GPs and schoolteachers.

The demand was significant. Within a week of this first conversation, the first coach-client match was made, and the following weeks were very busy, ensuring that all requests were met promptly. As the requests for coaching came in, it was satisfying and humbling to experience the rapid, positive and generous response from our coaching community to be in service of those who needed support.

Coaching with Conscience provided key workers access to a pro bono virtual coaching package to: 

  • provide support in safe and confidential conversations
  • express and work through their own thoughts and feelings about their experience
  • identify how their own needs could be met so that they can feel more resourceful and resilient in their roles
  • gain perspective and clarity on how they want to be during this difficult time
  • explore their own personal and/or professional goals so that they can be the best they can be for themselves and others
  • feel supported and heard

Through the Coaching with Conscience COVID-19 Coaching Initiative, 31 coaches provided 98 clients with 380 hours of coaching. The coaching provided was in alignment with the definition, competencies and code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation  

We also offered each coach access to free coaching supervision. These services were provided pro bono by Hilary Oliver, MCC, who completed a total of eight two-hour virtual supervision sessions to give back to the coaches, underpin the integrity and quality of what was being offered to the clients and their organizations and gain useful/data about the value of this exercise. 

“When I was made aware of the opportunity from Coaching with a Conscience, I really wasn’t sure how it might help me personally, or even if I needed it. I now know, having experienced coaching, it’s not a case of needing coaching, but a case of deserving it. At the start I suppose I was curious; coaching is something I have always been interested in but never thought I would ever have the opportunity to personally experience. So, when the opportunity came about, I took it with both hands. I wasn’t sure how it could help, but I am a believer in trying new things and learning about yourself; I think on some level I knew I needed some help, but didn’t know exactly what.” —Coaching with Conscience coachee

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