Submitted by Barbara Asimakopoulou, PCC, Your Time of Power
Coaching provided for professionals in the health sector

Your Time of Power took place from April-June and sought the empowerment of employees of companies who work from home or are “alone” in their business; executives, entrepreneurs and professionals struggling in the new unprecedented conditions to keep their businesses healthy; and health professionals, doctors, nurses and frontline staff who work hard to keep the health system functioning and keep and all of us alive.

The voluntary project was designed to support the Greek economy during this crucial time when it is being challenged by the global pandemic. Our purpose is to support and maintain the feeling of relief our country has just experienced after the 10-year financial crisis, while confronting the predicted negative impact of the pandemic. Our motivation is our “moral obligation” as citizens and as professional coaches.

Our profession as coaches brings us to the forefront, since our role in every crisis, whether it’s individual, collective, national or global, is exceptionally effective. Coaching is the science and art that has helped people change, become more assertive, overcome obstacles and win across a range of fields and circumstances.

We are all motivated and mobilized by our passion for coaching and our sincere desire for social participation and contribution, abiding by values including solidarity, creativity, innovation, respect for nature, balance, moderation and the well-being of the “polis.” We practice bravery, justice, judgment, wisdom and prudence with a vision for a sustainable and prosperous society in balance with the environment.

The team included educators, students and alumni of the ICF ACSTH Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice, an extensive training program with high educational standards for professional coaches which has been offered in Greece since 2018 by Barbara Asimakopoulou.

We offered participants two 30-minute, pro bono coaching sessions through June 30. They signed up through a website where they could see all of our volunteer coaches and their available hours, choosing convenient dates and times and meeting on the Zoom platform or by phone. The coachees who wished to have more sessions were encouraged to donate to the Desmos nonprofit foundation to receive their extra time.

In total, 16 volunteer coaches have participated in the project, working with 35 individuals over 76 coaching sessions. Those participants included people who were looking for professional assistance, personal empowerment and resolutions to personal problems.

Our coaches were able to gain experience with digital platforms, enhance their coaching profiles, get involved with promoting the project through social media and the press, get trained in Laser Coaching and have their own mentorship from coaches in supervisors to build competence and manage any issues that arose.