Submitted by Narinder Gill, PCC, NHS Project 5 / UK
Coaching organization leaders (e.g., supervisors, managers) within the NHS and health and social care setting

Working with an advanced clinical practitioner (ACP) and sister in geriatric ward. Started at point of initial lockdown.

Worked on developing strategies to stay positive, energized and key feedback to date has been that their resilience has been stronger, they have managed to prioritize self care and not feel guilty doing this.

The ACP reported that she has also begun to review her decision making so that she is in control of this as her guilt and people pleasing was leading her to sacrifice her own well being and she was recognizing that fatigue was setting in.

Registered managers in a domiciliary care setting to support the shift in working through a pandemic and being responsive to the changing nature of guidance whilst retaining positive outlook as they support their care staff and customers. Feedback shows evidence that they are managing staff with more rational thinking, clarity about how to share key information without overwhelming them and themselves. Also noted was a shift in their thinking that some things will remain uncertain and how to lead through uncertainty with confidence.