For the last nine years, the global generosity movement has been growing each year under the umbrella of Global Giving Tuesday.  The ICF Foundation has participated in that movement for more than five years raising awareness about the need for positive social impact in our society today.

Global Giving Tuesday is an international nonprofit network which shows people a variety of ways each of us can contribute to a better society.  They promote the power of people to transform their communities and the world, and to stand together in unity.

Make a Positive Change

Of particular importance is the understanding that generosity is not just about making donations.  It’s also about: helping neighbors, advocating for an issue, sharing a skill, or give to a cause. Participants in Global Giving Tuesday are encouraged to “Use your generosity to support others” and to take this opportunity to make a positive change.

The movement is about giving in a variety of ways and making a difference. For ICF Foundation the benefits of that giving have raised thousands of dollars and have reached over 16 million people through the power of pro bono coaching.

As one leader has indicated, the benefits of the pro bono coaching are substantial, impacting individuals, “I have seen a change in some of my managers who have been here a long time and had evolved into leadership positions but didn’t necessarily have the tools or the confidence to excel as a leader. I’ve seen positive changes in them.”

Funds have also supported research on the power of professional coaching to transform social impact organizations, and supported partnerships with social impact organizations to accelerate and amplify change.

#Giving Tuesday November 30

Global Giving Tuesday 2021 is being held on November 30, and once again the ICF Foundation will participate. This year’s goal is to secure 450 gifts from our coaching community.  The ICF Foundation provides coaches like you with access to strategies for affecting social change:

  • Making a philanthropic gift;
  • Spreading the word about ICFF and the role of coaching in social change;
  • Volunteering for social change.

Generosity gives everyone the power to make a positive change in the lives of others. For more ideas on ways you can make a difference; for more information on how we can accomplish our Global Giving Tuesday goal of 450 gifts; and for other social change opportunities view the ICFF resources at


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